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Raccoon Depot is software development company based on our: Striving for elegance in the design! Passion to challenges and creativity in the development! Respecting in the relationships! 

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Raccoon Depot

Lviv, Ukraine

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We develop high-end websites that work the same perfect on any network and any device. Beautiful and user oriented design, performance driven and SEO based frontend and backend is the key to your success. No matter if it is a small and simple landing page or complex software system that involves integration with other systems (CRMs, ERPs, PIMs, etc.) we always keep it smart, fast and lightweight, that is the key why our websites are highly ranked by search engines like Google. Proper Quality Assurance is used from the earliest stages of development to the final execution phase when an application is released. We also help you with content management, consult and assist you during our cooperation, and maintain the product during all it’s life cycles

Mobile Applications

Raccoon Depot provides secured, user oriented, cross-platform (IOS/Android) mobile apps, that work perfect on both platforms. We use such technologies like React Native and Flutter to build one-source application which can be run then on both platforms. This approach significantly reduces costs on implementation and maintaining the product and uses your budget efficiently


We deliver a long-term partnership to small/medium/large companies as well as non-profit organizations to improve/automate their business processes, raise productivity and efficiency, improve team communication, integrate systems like CRMs, ERPs, PIMs etc., reduce costs and increase profits and much more. Our team has proper knowledge and experience to improve your customer's trust at any stage of your business


We work with startups to bring Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) for their products to the market. Bring your idea and turn it into the MVP or a complete product that includes: wireframes, prototypes, graphic user interface (UI) / user experience (UX) designs, idea validation, develop, integrate, app publishing and more

Outsourcing & Outstaffing

We are always interesting in cooperation with other IT companies / departments and teams. Our experienced team members are ready to be the help and backup you in your projects for short/long-term partnership. We develop the network of clients and partners who share the same values with us. The certified team is capable of handling a wide variaty of complex software development projects that involve integration with other systems like CRMs, ERPs, PIMs etc. Our software agency can manage projects internally or share our heroes with you to work in your teams remotely.

TYPO3 CMS Expertise

We have been a part of the TYPO3 Project since 2017 as an agency however our developers has more than 7+ years of experience, some of them are certified TYPO3 engineers. We take an active part of TYPO3 life and our experts regularly help to improve TYPO3, in particular, our frontend and backend specialists took a part of typo3.org relaunch sprints. Our agency also shares the culture and develop the community of TYPO3 in Ukraine.



We are expert in php based CMSs and frameworks as well as front-end cutting-edge technologies. Our agency provides full circle from brand design to development and support.




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