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LMS3 - We have more than ten years' experience in using TYPO3 as a Learning Content Management System.

Why should you use a Content Management System as a platform for E-Learning?

Quite simply: you get both worlds. One of the best Content Management Systems for building a web portal with complete control over the layout and with many additional options that no other LMS can offer you.

On the other hand, the LMS becomes an LCMS - a Learning Content Management System. The learning processes and content production are combined on one platform.

Visit us at: www.lms3.de 

Your company already uses TYPO3 for website or intranet? Then the step towards an e-learning solution is not far away. With LMS3, the extension series for elearning, you can design training courses and course series, and use rule based releases, reports, tests, interactions, certifications and many more.

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