Eric Harrer | Certified Integrator & Developer

I work as an independent web developer, focusing specifically on the enterprise content management system TYPO3. With more than a decade of freelancing under my belt, I'm both a certified TYPO3 CMS Integrator (TCCI) and Developer (TCCD). This extensive experience enables me to provide tailor-made TYPO3 solutions, covering everything from initial consulting and planning to actual implementation and ongoing support for your web project.

Eric Harrer | Certified Integrator & Developer

Allersberg, Germany

My Background

Through extensive work with diverse clients, including travel, industry, and IT, I've gained years of experience crafting multi-language and multi-domain solutions. I handle complex database structures, create product configurators, code console commands, and design upgrade wizards for tasks like data migration and third-party system integration. I've managed large-scale upgrade processes like moving from TYPO3 6.2 to 11.5, automating database migrations to allow continued editorial work during the upgrade.

As a published extension author (see EXT:feed_display), and engaging with popular TYPO3 extensions like "news", "powermail", "gridelements", “container” and more, I'm well-informed about expanding TYPO3 via the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). I also excel in addressing unique needs through custom development.

My Current Clients

TYPO3 Community Engagement

Starting in 2021, I've progressively deepened my engagement within the TYPO3 community. I take pride in holding a bronze membership within the TYPO3 Association and consistently providing financial support to chosen OpenSource developers. Naturally, I've developed the habit of generating pull requests for code solutions that arise during my day-to-day tasks. Actively contributing, I join discussions regarding issues in the official repositories. Furthermore, I maintain a regular presence to offer assistance within forums. Presently, my focal point lies in the Discord channel of Wolfgang Wanger's video training, where I'm particularly active.

Translation Handling Initiative

Announcing the forthcoming TYPO3 Translation Handling Initiative launch. We're forming the initiative and seeking enthusiasts to enhance translation processes in TYPO3. Our focus is collecting community feedback, reviewing issues, and planning gradual improvements with the core team. Interested? Reach out directly or via Slack at #typo3-translation-handling.

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