Eric Harrer | Certified Integrator & Developer

Hi, I'm Eric 👋, a freelance web developer specializing in the enterprise content management system TYPO3. I hold current certifications as a TYPO3 CMS Integrator (TCCI) and Developer (TCCD), which I consistently renew every 2 years. After more than a decade of freelance work with TYPO3, I have gained extensive experience that enables me to offer customized TYPO3 solutions. My services range from consulting and planning your web project to implementation and ongoing project support. I am also happy to share my wealth of experience with you in online coaching sessions and help you to deepen your own understanding of TYPO3.

Eric Harrer | Certified Integrator & Developer

Allersberg, Germany

Special skills

I have been working for many years for existing customers in the travel, industry and IT sectors and have been able to expand my experience in the following areas in particular:

✅ Configuration of multi-language and multi-domain installations
✅  Dealing with complex database structures
✅  Development of upgrade wizards and console commands
✅  Data migration and processing with Doctrine DBAL, DataHandler and Extbase
✅  Development of product configurators with efficient AJAX loading logic
✅  Integration of third-party systems such as product information management systems
✅  Automated upgrade processes across multiple LTS versions (e.g. from 6.2 to 11.5)

Volunteer work and support

In addition to project work for my customers, I have a passion for OpenSource. For this reason, I have a bronze membership in the TYPO3 Association, support selected developers of frequently used extensions financially, contribute where possible with issues and pull requests in the public repositories and am active as a moderator in Wolfgang Wagner's Community Hub for TYPO3

I have published several TYPO3 extensions myself, such as EXT:feed_display or EXT:klaro_consent_manager. I expand my knowledge of TYPO3 development and the currently available extensions in regular exchange with the TYPO3 community. You can usually meet me in person at the TYPO3 Developer Days and at various TYPO3 Barcamps.

Translation Handling Initiative

Since the end of 2023, I have been Team Lead of the Translation Handling Initiative The aim of our initiative is to simplify, improve and professionalize the process of translation in TYPO3 for all user groups in accordance with the ideas of the core team. We meet every Friday between 11:00 and 12:00 in the Slack channel #typo3-translation-handling. Feel free to join one of our team meetings to support us or share your ideas about translation handling in TYPO3 with us.

Current customers

• SFS Group Germany GmbH - Industrial End Markets - GESIPA® -
• Sprachcaffe Reisen GmbH -
• iSt Internationale Sprach- und Studienreisen GmbH -
• Heidrive GmbH -
• prisma informatik GmbH -

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