DFAU is your partner in software, conceptual thinking, and UI. With »toujou«, you can launch your TYPO3 project at minimum cost.


Fürth, Germany

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DFAU is more than a full-service agency, we are your partner for innovative website design solutions. We are here to increase your engagement and reach with high performance software, conceptual realization and accessible UI. 

For over two decades our philosophy has included the pursuit of sustainable digital innovation and providing our clients with high performance web solutions. We know that the only way to achieve this is by having a clear and in-depth understanding of our client’s specific needs and an expertise for implementation. It is this approach that has led to our success across a wide variety of industries. 

Since 2000 we have been providing professional website solutions for a wide variety of businesses both small and medium including professional sports teams, consulting agencies and tourism projects. We have had our expertise acknowledged in 2016 when we won awards for Best TYPO3 Website and Best Tourism Website. 

As a result of our professional experiences, we became quite adept at launching TYPO3 projects which allowed us to develop standardized TYPO3 products for a minimum cost. From this, »toujou« was created, the first TYPO3-based website builder of its kind. Finally, a TYPO3 website builder that allows small and medium sized businesses to successfully and quickly launch websites without having to compromise any of the other TYPO3 advantages. toujou is a flexible website builder that helps users get exactly what they need. 

toujou makes TYPO3 accessible and affordable for many different sizes and types of businesses. With our website builder you are guaranteed a return on your investment because you are able to quickly launch your TYPO3 project for an affordable rate.

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