I'm a Full Stack Web Developer and work with TYPO3 since 2004. My main focus is TYPO3 backend development and consulting which I offer for agencies and companies.


Husum, Germany

  • Verified Extension Maintainer

My main interests as a TYPO3 Freelancer are as following

  • TYPO3 Extension Development
  • Planning and development of complex web applications build with TYPO3
  • Development and integration of Authentication Services for TYPO3
  • Planning and performing TYPO3 Major Updates of existing websites
  • Test automation and automated deployment
  • Code Reviews / Security Reviews of TYPO3 Extensions
  • Analyzing and restoring hacked TYPO3 websites

Besides my work as a freelancer, I am also member of the TYPO3 Security Team and have developed several open source TYPO3 extensions, which all are actively maintained and available on TER and packagist.

Company type

TYPO3 Association Bronze Member