I'm a Full Stack Web Developer and work with TYPO3 since 2004. My main focus is TYPO3 backend development and consulting which I offer for agencies and companies.


Husum, Germany

  • Verified Extension Maintainer

My main interests as a TYPO3 Freelancer are as following

  • TYPO3 Extension Development
  • Planning and development of complex web applications build with TYPO3
  • Development and integration of Authentication Services for TYPO3
  • Planning and performing TYPO3 Major Updates of existing websites
  • Test automation and automated deployment
  • Code Reviews / Security Reviews of TYPO3 Extensions
  • Analyzing and restoring hacked TYPO3 websites

Besides my work as a freelancer, I am also member of the TYPO3 Security Team and have developed several open source TYPO3 extensions, which all are actively maintained and available on TER and packagist.

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25813 Husum
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TYPO3 Association Bronze Member

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