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" Welcome to WAGNER - a world-leading manufacturer of systems for surface finishing with paints, powder coatings, wet coatings and other liquid materials. "

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The Wagner group are surface technology specialists. The company has been supplying the DIY, trade and industrial sectors for more than 60 years and is the worldwide market leader. Wagner equipment is used in many sectors but is especially well established in the car industry. The group develop and supply high quality, advanced equipment for treating surfaces. Apart from the stylish layout, the site incorporates some new exciting features thanks to the use of TYPO3.

A fascination for surfaces

From furniture to walls, garden fences, construction machinery, mobile phones, wheel rims, leather sofas and perfume bottles - there are very few objects that cannot be coated. The surface of an object helps to determine its function, durability and attractiveness. With innovative coating technologies for the application of paints, wet coatings, powder coatings and other liquid materials, WAGNER has been helping to raise the standard of surface finishes all over the world for more than 60 years.

Guides for consumers and DIY enthusiasts

Would you like to give something a new lease of life or create something completely new?

WAGNER has created a range of practical DIY guides for making, renovating and upcycling.

Whether you´re a beginner or a professional - be part of the DIY trends, create something new by upcycling some old items to give them a new purpose or add a touch of colour to your home. DIY doesn't just save you money it can be fun and gives you a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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