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"United Internet, a leading European internet specialist, makes full use of squares and TYPO3."

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About United Internet

More than 16 million fee-based customer contracts and more than 33 million ad-financed free accounts make United Internet Europe's leading internet specialist. With its brands 1&1, GMX and WEB.DE United Internet offers a wide range of internet access products and cloud applications.

Thanks to 50 million users of its services, United Internet can quickly identify customer needs and trends. It picks up these ideas and successfully turns them into new solutions for its domestic and international markets.

By steadily investing in the growth markets mobile internet and cloud computing, as well as in marketing and internationalization, United Internet differentiates itself from the competition.

Website relaunch with TYPO3

In 2016 the corporate website of the United Internet AG was relaunched from scratch. Besides TYPO3, the responsive front-end framework Foundation 6 was used to deliver an optimal experience regardless of the user's device. Additionally the project was realized with Sass to make coding more flexible and faster.

As the central design element, squares play an important role within the corporate identity of United Internet. Therefore the whole website is based on a square grid and overlapping squares make the modular system look outstanding and dynamic.

Facts and figures

8 content templates with different arrangements of squares simplify the maintenance by the TYPO3 backend. At its launch the website had about 300 pages with more than 1500 content elements. All in all this project shows once again that TYPO3 is very powerful, extremely flexible, highly scalable and 100 % reliable.

Therefore not only United Internet itself, but also its subsidiaries like the 1&1 Internet SE trust in TYPO3 and the web agency igroup Internetagentur, which acts in an advisory capacity and implements TYPO3 projects partly even on the spot at 1&1.

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