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" Explore a vast digital network brimming with not only the very best in console gaming, but all of your favourite movies, music and television as well. "

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Sony Entertainment Network is the place to go for people who want to get the latest films, music or PlayStation offerings. Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) bundles all of Sony’s digital services. With “Music Unlimited” SEN offers a personal library that comprises over ten million songs. “Video Unlimited” offers films for sale or rent. The portal is also integrated with the PlayStation network. Customers can access it by smartphone, Sony tablet, Sony TV, PlayStation or PC.


Turn the lights down, grab your favourite drinks or snacks and unwind with the latest must-see movies fresh from the cinema and the TV shows everybody's talking about. Whether you're catching up with your besties, getting the family together or just making time for someone special, PlayStation™ Video has the great movies and TV shows you want.

Get Spotify on your PlayStation system

Add a personal soundtrack to your gaming with Spotify, available on PlayStation™Music. Spotify lets you game without any interruptions. Control the tunes using your smartphone or tablet and curate your perfect soundtrack without ever having to suspend play.

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