All about TYPO3 v7.6 ELTS

Community-provided, free long-term support for TYPO3 v7.6 expired in November 2018. Since then TYPO3 GmbH has offered Extended Long-Term Support to keep your website secure and running smoothly.

ELTS 7.6 in the Online Shop

About TYPO3 v7.6

TYPO3 v7 was a watershed update back in 2015. TYPO3 v7 was kicked off in November 2014 with the theme of “embrace and innovate.” This version introduced some major changes with an emphasis on improving the editor and admin user experience, removing legacy code (lean core), and speeding up TYPO3. These changes included:

  • PHP 7.0 compatibility,
  • UX improvements in the backend,
  • Fluid-based Content Rendering ("fluid_styled_content"),
  • Content editor improvements, 
  • A fully responsive editing interface,
  • Performance improvements, 
  • A switch to the sprint release concept with time-based releases, 
  • Image manipulation.

In addition, this was the first TYPO3 release to include support for PSRs (PHP Standard Recommendations) with the HTTP Message Interface. This has helped to improve developer adoption with widely used standards. 

The TYPO3 Roadmap and release process introduced in this cycle has had far-reaching benefits, ensuring TYPO3 releases are reliable, consistent, and punctual. 

TYPO3 v7 PHP requirements: PHP 5.5 to 7.3. Check out PHP support for specific versions of TYPO3.

How long TYPO3 v7.6 ELTS support lasts

The community announced the final community-supported release for TYPO3 v7 LTS in November 2018. After that, the TYPO3 GmbH team announced the start of the TYPO3 v7 ELTS service.

Since TYPO3 v7 LTS support expired in 2015, site owners might worry about being vulnerable to security risks and compliance issues. TYPO3 v7 ELTS will keep you covered until November 2021.

ELTS 7.6 in the Online Shop