A network of pharmacies – connected by TYPO3

"Visual and technical revision for the Rotpunkt pharmacies with TYPO3, accompanied by online marketing measures."

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A network of pharmacies – connected by TYPO3

The project

Rotpunkt’s around 100 pharmacies feature a wide range of services, attractive savings offers and provide expert advice. The new website is intended to convey these customer benefits clearly and consistently for every pharmacy. The main website and the various pharmacy websites have also been completely revamped, both visually and technically.

Project objectives

  • To provide a solid technical basis for the years ahead
  • To ensure a consistent design for all of the pharmacies
  • To make both internal and external communications simpler and more professional
  • To set up clear user navigation that focuses on services and individual pharmacy locations

Implementing the design with TYPO3

To ensure a solid technical base for the next years and an easy multisite management the LTS-Version of TYPO3 was selected as the most suitable CMS. 

The design is responsive and boasts an understated colour scheme combined with an accent colour, large images and lots of blank space.

Interlinked custom software ensures maximum usability, allowing users to be guided by their own interests to specific additional information and find out where they can purchase products.


Custom Software and online marketing services

The following tailor-made software and services ensure that the project goals are reliably implemented:

  • Location finder with a search function and map
  • A slider that contains additional information and is linked to the location finder
  • Monthly newsletter with information about the latest offers in the Campaign Monitor newsletter tool
  • Regular reports from Google Analytics for website optimisation

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