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"Jugend forscht encourages and supports talented achievers in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)."

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Jugend Forscht


Jugend forscht (Youth researches) is Germany’s best-known young talent competition. The Stiftung Jugend forscht e.V. trust’s website is one of its core communication instruments, both for a dialogue with participants and also with the competition’s other stakeholders. The objective for the new website was not only to meet the continuously increasing requirements made on modern online communications but also to function simultaneously as an image-promoting calling card, information portal and communication platform for a wide range of target groups.

The decision was soon made to use a flyout navigation menu, making it possible to present complex structures in an easily understood manner. The solution’s special feature is that every main area has been designed individually in order to be able to do justice to the extremely heterogeneous core target groups and diversity of information. Despite the more complex layout the user still retains a high degree of flexibility when designing the structure of the pages.
The generously designed, very eye-catching slide show combines image-promoting key visuals with astonishingly comprehensive teaser texts. It goes without saying that the trust is able to manage content itself.


The project database currently comprises just under 4000 pieces of work produced by all the participants in national competitions since 1966 – with information on the participants; a project summary and details on the competition place they achieved plus, from 2000 onwards, also details on all special prizes. The front end search is carried out using a range of filters. Alumni forum and internal area 
Password-protected areas providing comprehensive internal information. Registration is via front end user groups.
Following the website’s launch at the end of 2012 mobile versions went live in mid-2013.
 To this end, a separate page tree structure with its own TypoScript template was compiled to facilitate configuration of the features. The option of presenting selected content suitable for mobile end devices and managing it using TYPO3 was created by connecting and assigning existing WWW content to the structure tree of the Smartphone version (single source). The comprehensive project database was also integrated into the mobile version. The mobile platform takes what appears to be a contradictory route for a CMS, since it presents pages and content in a genuine single page application. The result is a high-performance, fluid mobile experience that can be managed in the usual way by the editor.

About Jugend Forscht

Jugend forscht (Youth researches) is a joint initiative of the German federal government, “stern” magazine, the business community and schools. Its patron is the German Federal President. The website is operated and managed by the Hamburg-based office of the Stiftung Jugend forscht e.V. trust in Hamburg. The trust’s office also coordinates all other activities throughout Germany.

Every year over 11.000 young people take part in Germany’s best-known young talent competition. The trust views the education and nurturing of young people in the fields of mathematics, information technology, the sciences and technology (MINT) as a key task to ensure the safeguarding of German society’s ability to master the future. Every year it organises over 100 competitions throughout Germany with the aim of raising the interest of children and adolescents in MINT subjects; identifying young talents early and providing these talents with focused assistance. Jugend forscht’s objective is to increase society’s awareness of the nurturing of young talents; to promote widespread support and to contribute to educational policy discussions. Jugend forscht’s unique network acts in close cooperation with players in politics, business, research, schools and the media.

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