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Digital services government with TYPO3

Top tasks is one of the channels with which the municipality is connected to its inhabitants. We offer more than 160 products and services fully digital. We also have a daily news overview, so visitors to the website know what is happening in our city. Since 2013 we have a top task website built on TYPO3. Visitors can start doing the top task on the homepage. In general, we streamline our website by focusing on the content that matters most to our visitors. The website is well-organized and fully accessible, so that visitors can find their way quickly and easily.


As a government organization we are required to conform to the WCAG 2.0. TYPO3 offers the possibility to implement its own front-end, which makes it easy to lay the foundation for an accessible website. In addition, it is easy to support the editorial staff with publishing accessible content.

Responsive and design

The website is built from the perspective of the mobile visitor. In December 2017 the number of visitors using mobile devices (phones and tablets) exceeded the number of visitors using a desktop (Source: Siteimprove, 

Functional design is an important addition to this. Applying our own corporate design in a simple and flexible way gives tranquility and focus. Design in combination with top tasks and analytics are the base for continuously improving the customer journey.

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