Building the Bank of the Future

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Building the Bank of the Future

The Mission: Transform and disrupt

acrevis Bank AG is a young company that was founded in 2011 as a result of the merger of Bank CA St.Gallen AG and swissregiobank AG. Despite its youthfulness and strong regional presence ("Your bank, closer to you") it was essential for acrevis to prepare for the banking business of the future. New competitors outside the banking sector, increasing pressure on margins and changes in consumer behaviour required acrevis to set an early course.

For the Swiss bank, it was clear that the path to a digital future would lead to meeting the challenges for the bank of the future.

The Solution: A bank on its way into the digital era

In order to provide both the users and the IT department of acrevis Bank with the greatest possible scaling of the website for the future and also an ideal basis for further marketing steps such as inbound and online marketing, the website was not simply updated. Rather, it was developed from scratch and equipped with numerous functional enhancements.

All modules have been individually tested for further use in terms of security and updateability and replaced by newer modules. This ensured a high degree of scalability and availability even in regular operation. Furthermore, all pages were rebuilt on the basis of the previous content and checked in all resolutions (responsive design). 

On the basis of this page, several landing pages have now been created, which serve as a contact point for marketing activities.


The Result

In contrast to a regular update, the entire refactoring of the site ensured that all modules could be updated easily and without complications. The possibility of putting extensions into compatibility mode, for example, was not an option, as the performance of the site should not be endangered.

Furthermore, a new development of some extensions was necessary, as newer TYPO3 versions require this.

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