Your Google Ads Registration

It's that simple with the Google Ads for TYPO3 extension.

All you have to do is to download and install the Google Ads extension. You can use the extension directly from your TYPO3 Backend, i.e. from your familiar working environment. As usual with TYPO3, the operation is intuitive and logical.

Get started

In the module menu on the left, you will find the new category 'GOOGLE ADS'. Here you will find the most important administration tools for easy evaluation.

Your first Google Ad

As already mentioned, you can now create and switch Google Ads easily and clearly in the backend of TYPO3. With '+Create Ad' and 'Show Ads for page' you open the form to create the Ad. Just follow the instructions and create your Ad without error.

Your budget - always at a glance

No matter how often your Ad is displayed, there are no costs for you. Great! You only pay for actual visitors on your website and everything remains visible in the overview. You can pause your Ad at any time - which in turn saves costs. A fair deal!

Now that you know how easy it is to use Google Ads for TYPO3, you have every reason to be successful advertising your products and services online. Google Ads - the right choice!

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