A successful operation: Modern web presence for DRK Kliniken Nordhessen

"How blindwerk - neue medien developed a future-proof web strategy for a new hospital group and established a modern central web presence for all locations on this basis."

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A successful operation: Modern web presence for DRK Kliniken Nordhessen

About DRK-Kliniken Nordhessen

The DRK-Kliniken Nordhessen are a group of clinics that emerged from the Rotkreuzklinik Kassel and the DRK Klinik Kaufungen in January 2017. The strategic merger of the two facilities has resulted in the creation of the second largest hospital in the Kassel area.


Today, the DRK Kliniken Nordhessen, which are spread over three locations in the Hessian capital Kassel, have over 500 beds and employ a total of 850 people. Here, experts from ten different disciplines work together in an interdisciplinary manner in the service of patients.


The DRK-Kliniken Nordhessen stand for high-quality medical care in the region. In addition, the company intensively invests in research and teaching. As an academic teaching hospital of the University Medical Center Goettingen, it offers medical students to complete their clinical traineeship and their practical year.


Whether science or medical care: the undivided attention of the DRK Kliniken Nordhessen is always focused on people. Accordingly, patients are treated by proven specialists using the latest techniques.


Short distances in interdisciplinary care offer quick access to all necessary diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities on site. This includes, for example, special consultation hours and centres with individual advice on numerous clinical pictures including the corresponding expert care, as well as support for expectant mothers during pregnancy, childbirth and aftercare.


The solution

The holistic approach of blindwerk - neue medien in the project, which started in January 2017, aimed at two essential aspects: an efficient and rapid implementation of the specifications on the one hand and the development of a user-friendly, technologically secure and a long-term usable web presence on the other hand. The live launch of the new website was scheduled for the end of March 2018.


Through telephone meetings of all participants under the direction of blindwerk - neue medien, the concrete goals were defined, weighted and prioritized. The experienced project team then carried out an evaluation of the usage data for 83 existing pages. Important quantitative and qualitative framework conditions were identified, such as access and stay data or jump rates. Prepared in such a structured way, it was time for the prompt implementation.


The CMS used for this is based on TYPO3, the templates are based on the current standards for HTML 5 and CSS2/3. According to the motto "less is more", blindwerk - neue medien has already paid attention to a coherently reduced and meaningful selection of elements, fonts and colours in the layout. For the navigation structure clear hierarchies and logical sequences were developed, which facilitate finding one's way in the web offer. Finally, great importance was attached to enabling a fast and intuitive access. This is also guaranteed by the solution developed by blindwerk - neue medien.


This allows users to explore the depth of content via teasers on the homepage or via main, sub and path navigation. In addition, various quick accesses to service functions offer an alternative access, such as a full-text search or specially highlighted links such as emergency numbers. Another important anchor point is the route map to all three locations based on Google Maps.


The DRK-Kliniken Nordhessen provided the texts for the new website as well as the pictures and graphics. All contents are distributed on four hierarchical levels. A so-called breadcrumb navigation shows the user on the subpages at any time exactly where he is.


The website was supposed to be barrier-free. Accordingly, the texts and graphics are kept understandable regardless of their colour representation. In addition, the navigation mechanisms were designed to be clear and conclusive, for example through a clear, descriptive name and a clear identification of links or the integration of a sitemap.


The loading speed for web documents is less than two seconds, which encourages users to navigate further through the content. At the same time, this high performance has a positive effect on the Google ranking. As an additional SEO measure, blindwerk - neue medien has taken a number of dedicated search engine guidelines into account and thus created the basis for a very good ranking of the new website. Through the integration of the web analysis software "Google Analytics", all pages can be tracked and analyzed.


Last but not least, blindwerk - neue medien has conducted extensive testing of desktop browsers such as Safari (for the Apple world), Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to ensure their unrestricted usability. This also applies to mobile browsers under iOS (Safari) and Android (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).


The new website

After meticulous preparation, the ambitious project was successfully completed with a precision landing. blindwerk - neue medien mastered all of the customer's challenges without exception and fully met the expectations set.


The new, uniform website presents itself invitingly and attractively with friendly colours and sympathetic slider changing pictures at the first click. Following a visual concept specifically developed by blindwerk - neue medien, emotionality, professionalism and competence are often communicated at first glance today. Each content page follows exactly this style with a large-format introductory photo.


Tailored to the target groups in terms of content, specific modules such as an interactive site plan, clinic search and event calendar facilitate access to the desired information; the navigation structure is also straightforward, clear and unfussy. A recruiting system specially developed by blindwerk - neue medien is available for staff recruitment, and an integrated news module ensures that it is always up to date. This displays news from the clinic as well as news from other media integrated via iFrame that concern the DRK Kliniken Nordhessen.


Working at the backend is made possible by a convenient administrator system, which also provides role-based rights for editors in particular. In order for them to learn how to use the application as quickly as possible, blindwerk has briefed them on new media accordingly.


At the same time, the very simple and consistently intuitive operability of the front-end meets the high demands of the DRK-Kliniken Nordhessen to offer an attractive and clear information platform to the several thousand website visitors per month - with a completely free choice of terminal device. Further functional and service enhancements are already being considered for the next step. After the consistently positive experiences in the completed project, blindwerk - neue medien is also in charge for the conception and implementation in a leading role.


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