Author: Sanjay Chauhan

Sanjay Chauhan is the Co-Founder of NITSAN (awarding winning TYPO3 agency) and Pioneer of T3Terminal (first-ever TYPO3 marketplace). Sanjay is a true TYPO3 fanatic going all the way back to 2010. He brings strong TYPO3 experience in building customer-business relationships and also has a wealth of knowledge in the technical field for our ventures in T3Terminal and TYPO3. Being extremely passionate and obsessed with TYPO3 he writes regularly about TYPO3 sharing many tips and tricks and even his own personal innovations with TYPO3. Sanjay is a true fan & believer to share his TYPO3 knowledge and by doing so, he fulfills the motto of TYPO3 - Inspiring People To Share! Apart from TYPO3 he loves reading, exploring new technologies, and playing cricket.